i. Airport Expansions
ii. Voluntary Noise Mitigation Programs
iii. Sky Train/Light Rail Systems
iv. Avigation Easements

i. Federal Aviation Administration – Airport Projects
ii. U.S. Army Corp of Engineers – Levee Projects

i. Flood Mitigation Projects
ii. Flowage Easements

i. Interstate Freeway Expansions
ii. State Highway Expansions
iii. Street Widening
iv. Utility Relocation
v. Federal and State Land Acquisitions

i. Rehabilitation Projects
ii. Redevelopment Projects
iii. HUD Funded – NSP, CDBG, HOME
iv. Local Funding & Tax Credit Projects
v. Public Housing/Section 8/Hope VI Projects
vi. 104D Programs
vii. Temporary Relocation Projects
viii. New Development Projects

i. New Light Rail Systems
ii. Light Rail Alignment Expansions

i. Expansion Projects
ii. Utility Relocation Coordination
iii. Street Abandonment Assistance
iv. Site Reconnaissance and Analysis

i. Power Line Easements
ii. Water/Gas Line Easements
iii. Rights of Entry/Temporary Construction Easements
iv. Corporation Commission Coordination